Growing better quality food using less energy and resources? Makes sense to us.

VertiCrop™ provides a proven, cost effective alternative to typical crop production.

Designed to grow in any climate and with an exceptionally small footprint in urban environments, VertiCrop™ uses only a fraction of the resources needed for field agriculture, while generating substantially higher yields.

A VertiCrop planting tray

Growing with VertiCrop™

  • Yields are approximately 20 times higher than the normal production volume of field crops
  • VertiCrop™ requires only 8% of the normal water consumption used to irrigate field crops
  • Works on non-arable lands and close to major markets or urban centers
  • Does not require the use of harmful herbicides or pesticides
  • Able to grow over 50 varieties of leafy green vegetables
  • Significantly reduces transportation distance, thereby reducing cost and carbon foot print
  • Provides higher quality produce with greater nutritional value and a longer shelf life
  • High levels of food security due to the enclosed growing process
  • Scalable from small to very large food production operation
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Lettuce grown hydroponically in the VertiCrop System